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The Danville Labyrinth


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The Danville Labyrinth was constructed in the fall and winter of 2002. It is built of quarried Kentucky sandstone. The local stonemason was Richard McAlister. Richard selected the stone from a quarry in nearby Wayne County, had it cut into 8-foot sections and transported to the site. Robert Ferre traveled from St. Louis, MO to spend a cold and snowy week etching the design with the assistance of Chuck Hunner from Asheville, NC. The original outlined path was highlighted with purple stain. Later, the path was permanently etched into the stone surface.

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The Danville Labyrinth is located at McDowell Park on Main Street, between The Presbyterian Church of Danville and Centre College. It was built in 2002 by a non-denominational committee of local citizens. The construction budget of $50,000 was raised through hundreds of donations. The labyrinth design is a replica of the 11-circuit labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral in France. This pattern, once central to cathedral culture, was inlaid into the cathedral's stone floor in 1201. The Danville labyrinth, like the Chartres labyrinth, is 40-feet in diameter.